Top 10 things learned in PR class

Top ten things I have learned about public relations-


1. What public relations actually is- Before taking this class, all PR was to me was a job where someone got other people out of trouble.


2. How very important social media is-I did not realize just how often public relations professionals utilize the avenue of social media to promote or enhance what they do.


3. International PR is vital- My presentation was about international public relations. Since I studied more of that chapter, I came to realize that PR is something that is not at all just an American thing; it is universal. Not only is it universal, but also it is vital to just about any corporation.


4. Blogging isn’t so bad- I had never blogged, nor had I even considered blogging, but after doing it, I realized it is a good way to communicate. If nothing else, a great blog could be used as a portfolio.


5. Dealing with crises is vital- When a company finds itself in the middle of a public relations crisis, the way in which the company handles the situation plays a major role in the public’s view of that particular company.


6. Twitter isn’t as bad as I thought- As much as I don’t want to admit it, twitter isn’t as bad as I initially thought. I don’t see myself continuing using my account; however, it was nice to now how have experienced it for the sake of knowing more about it and its uses.


7. PR involves event planning- One group did their presentation on PR events. I had never really thought about public relations playing a role in major events, but that’s exactly what most events are all about is public relations.


8. Firms vs. Departments- I learned the difference between a PR firm and a department. A firm is a stand-alone company that works for customers, and a department is part of a company that works for that company.


9. Ragan’s PRDaily is the place to go- If ever in need of some news or some tips about public relations, Ragan’s is the site to use; it is full of information.


10. Press Release- I learned that a press release is a vital part of PR. It is either written or verbally communicated to the public and announces the news of something deemed noteworthy.


2 responses to “Top 10 things learned in PR class

  1. Sarah,
    I really enjoyed following your blog and seeing your side of what you have learned in Public Relations this semester! You did a great job on this post of your top 10 things, many of which I can relate to!
    Great job!

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