Hobson and Holtz Podcast

I listened to the podcast #634 For Immediate Release (FIR) with Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz. They talked about an interview had with Christ Boyer. They were together at a social media healthcare clinic and shared a little about their talk with Chris Boyer. Apparently Chris had never used four-square check-in, but after doing his research and taking it seriously, he realized just how useful and helpful this tool could be.




Holtz and Hobson talked about how when you give four-square the attention it deserves, you realize just how great it can be.




The next topic they talked about was at Google’s headquarters in the United Kingdom. There was a sell out media huddle, and the room was full of video cameras as Google was filming the whole convention and streaming it to California which is home to America’s Google headquarters. The convention will be put into podcasts and available in the upcoming week.




They then mentioned the blog word expo where workshops and sessions took place; one of which they mentioned was a panel of blog networks. From a recent survey of over 4,000 bloggers, they found many interesting statistics. And they use most of the podcast to talk about blogging.




Their findings were as follows:


-leading influence of bloggers is other bloggers


-18% of bloggers report income from blogs


-bloggers mostly blog about brands to promote the brand or the company


-61% don’t post daily


-only 11% of those surveyed posted daily


-5% are professional bloggers


-most bloggers juggle an average of 3 different blogs


-wordpress.com is the blogging service of choice


-37% of bloggers link their blogs, twitter, and facebook in order to only have to post once




They then continue to talk about facebook, tumblr, twitter, and blogging.




Listening to podcasts can be useful for any career someone might want to go into, not just public relations. Any person can benefit from these podcasts. If you find experts in the public relations field, then their experience and insight can be extremely beneficial. Nothing is better than learning from someone who has been there before.




Near the end of when I was listening, they played a short advertisement from one of their sponsors, Ragan Daily. I thought that was interesting.






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