Tips to land a job after graduation

In searching for a PR Connection, I came across the article by PRDaily that talks about 5 tips for landing a job as a PR professional after graduating college. I thought this article was certainly relevant for us college students who are close to leaving the comforts of a university and landing a job in our career field.

The following are the five tips given for college graduates hoping to land that job.

1. Apply for internships- In the field of public relations, it is vital to one’s resume and ability to have already had some hands on experience in the PR field

2. Build a portfolio- PR professionals look for experience when hiring college grads, so putting samples of your work into a portfolio is just what these employers are looking for.

3. Be a “strategic” online expert- It is vital for a person looking for a career in PR to be well versed in the avenues of social media and all things web related.

4. Create an impressive resume and cover letter- These two components are the first thing an employer sees when you’re applying for a job so they had better be presented well.

5. Improve your writing skills- I have heard this over and over again, but that must mean it is so very important. Being a good writer and liking to write are vital qualities when applying to work in the PR field.


4 responses to “Tips to land a job after graduation

  1. Loved this! These steps are things that PR students should take to heart and memory. You’ll never go wrong when you have these things down.

    And I think people forget how important it is to get involved and build a portfolio. It really does make a difference!

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  3. Even though I still have two more years in university, i’m still a little nervous about finding a job after graduation, mainly because i have no idea what exactly it is that i want to do. Even though this won’t help me to come up with a job field i would like to enter, it does give me tips on finding a job.

    Thanks Sarah!

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