Asleep before the interview even started

Harry Belafonte, an author and entertainer, was miked up and ready for an interview with a California TV station; yet when the cameras turned on Harry, he appeared to be sleeping!

The interviewer was saying wake up and we could hear people on the set calling Harry’s name, but he never opened his eyes.

According to his publicist, Harry wasn’t sleeping at all. In fact, he was meditating, or so they say.

There was a technical glitch with the feed and with his earpiece; however, I think that one should still be ready when you know you’re about to be on live television for an interview. Never good to be sleeping at an interview.


2 responses to “Asleep before the interview even started

  1. This is so funny! I love how his publicist mentioned he was meditating; really trying to up the positive spin on this guy, but the crazy thing is, PR lets you use something like this for either the positive or the negative. Hopefully he can get another interview and maybe get a chance to explain what happened, but he might have just ruined his only chance to spread the word about his book via the news. Personally, I think you should be ready for anything with a live interview like this one!

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