Steve Jobs insulted in The New Yorker

The above photo was published in The New Yorker. This picture depicts recently deceased Steve Jobs at the gates of Heaven; however, the photo is receiving a lot of negative feedback as Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist. Many are saying that publishing this photo was very disrespectful. Fortunately for The New Yorker they are a well established publication, but this does not mean that their PR department was not fast at work trying to make the situation less serious than it was.

On the other side of the argument however, one commenter said that it’s got people talking which is good marketing. Not sure if I necessarily agree with him seeing as the photo is depicting a recently deceased man and the subject may still be sensitive for certain family and friends.


One response to “Steve Jobs insulted in The New Yorker

  1. Very interesting post. I had never seen this picture before and I had no idea Steve Jobbs was a Buddhist .
    I really is crazy how a photo can start up such controversy.
    Great post!

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