Quick Response Codes On The Rise

I have become a fan of all things infographic. They are a nice way to look at statistics and informations, but in a way that is easy to read. Most infographs tell a story and are fun for the reader, which makes their impact last.

The following infographic is about QR codes, which are those funky things you see in magazines or on packages. For the longest time, all I knew about these codes was that you used a smart phone and scanned the code and it gave you some type of information.

I eventually got around to installing the app on my iphone that would read these codes and have since used the app to scan many QR codes. What I look for when I can a code is a coupon. Just like the infograph says, most people look for coupons when scanning a code.

I believe that we will be seeing more and more of these codes everywhere we go. Businesses are going to see the advantage of this social networking opportunity.

They can even use it to relay all types of information  to the public, not just coupons. PR professionals can see the benefit of such technology as they can send the media and consumers directly to a specific site for the information they want them to see.

Not only are QR codes a good marketing tool, they are handy in getting direct information out to the public.


As you can see from this infographic, QR codes are on the rise for businesses. Companies are using them as marketing tools and PR professionals can use them to give specific information to their audience. I’m curious to see if these codes will last a long time or if they will just be another fad. If marketed and used properly by businesses, then I think they should be around for a while.


4 responses to “Quick Response Codes On The Rise

  1. When I first heard of this app I could not wait to download it and start scanning every bar code I could find! This post was very informing! I had not heard of businesses using this technology to give away coupons on smart phones! I had only used it to gain information about an item. That was a brilliant idea and your chart shows how it is just beginning to change the way companies can give away coupons. Great post!

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  3. Really enjoyed this post. I’d never seen a QR code until this summer, and now I feel like I use this all the time. These are definitely going to become very popular as more and more people grow used to using them.

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