PR in the 1700s

If I could work in public relations in any era of history, I think I would choose to work in the late 1700s. This ere definitely goes back a long way, but this was around the time that the United States was coming into its own. President George Washington became the first president in 1789. Imagine the PR that must have taken place at a time as this. A brand new country.  A brand new leader. England still mad about their loss. And all the differing views of Americans at the time.

I think it would have been interesting and fun to see how the politics played out in the late 1700s. While there was printed press, there obviously was no news like there is today. In this era, word did not travel as fast as it does today for obvious reasons.

What interests me most about this period is that everything would have been so fresh. A brand new country was on its way to becoming a great nation. I think it would have been interesting to work in public relations at this time. To be able to work for a brand new government. To get the word out to eager citizens.


Since everything was still so new it would have been interesting to see how the states and their citizens responded to all the changes. Were the majority of the people happy about their new president? Or did PR professionals need to be around to make him and his army look good in the eyes of the people? PR in 1789 would vary greatly from PR now.


PR today is all about political correctness. I’d be interested to know if people in the late 1700s were as concerned with political correctness as they were with their new found independence.


2 responses to “PR in the 1700s

  1. I can’t believe someone else in the class would want to work in the same PR era as me! Hahaha. I just love it.

    I definitely agree with every single word you said here. News was so vastly different in the 1700s than now, and people depended on completely different sources then than what we do now.

    It’s funny because when you mentioned George Washington, I remember learning about his homecoming after the war; EVERYONE loved him. He was the only president that had a unanimous vote into presidency. That’s pretty wild. And it would have made for some great PR.

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