World Wide Web in ’96 compared to Today

The following is a fun infographic that depicts the differences between the world wide web in 1996 as compared to what it is like now in 2011. Americans used to spend an average of 30 minutes a month on the internet, now we are up to 27 hours per month.

That seems a bit extreme if you ask me.

What are we not doing now that we used to do with all that time in 1996? Obviously we are sitting on a computer or having our noses buried in a portable device. Does this mean more people are working via the internet? Spending less time with family and more time working?

Or are we wasting time by doing meaningless things on the internet? Playing games? Surfing the web for no reason?

Do you think Americans are more or less productive now than 15 years ago?

Photo from Ragen’s PR Daily


4 responses to “World Wide Web in ’96 compared to Today

  1. This was interesting to look at! To see how the internet has changed so much, just in our lifetime! I remember dial-up and AOL and thinking that was the coolest thing ever..and now that’s such a part of our past.

    I think we definitely spend a huge part of our lives on the internet whether that is through our computer or mobile devices because everything has gone mobile now. I can do my homework, connect with family on the other side of the country, listen to my favorite music on Pandora and order a pizza all at the same time. I think it definitely has taken away from spending time with family and friends. All too often I’ll look around my family room at home and see each of my family members online in some way or another.

    Life has changed, and we rely on the internet for a lot of things. We just have to be careful to not let it take away from social interaction with others and our spiritual lives..although that has become mobile too with the Youversion app.

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  3. I think technology has changed so much since then that it’s actually attracting more people. Back in 1996 Facebook and Twitter were the last thing on everyone’s mind and now it’s like we can’t live without it. Sadly, most of us are wasting our lives sitting in front of a computer screen for most of the day. The internet has found ways to make sitting in front of a computer screen look more satisfying than doing anything else.

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